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Blond Wavy Hair

Hair by Sharon Hatting


Sharon Hatting

Velkommen til Hair by Sharon Hatting, økologisk frisørvirksomhed, der prioriterer bæredygtighed. Jeg udvælger omhyggeligt de grønne, økologiske produkter og farver som jeg arbejder med, såsom Ingredien og Elumen. Dette giver mig mulighed for at levere premium hårstyling-tjenester med viden om, at jeg gør mit for at passe på planeten, mens jeg passer på dig og dit hår.

Image by George Bohunicky
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“I loved everything about my experience with Sharon. The first question she asked me (tell me about your hair) is a good representation of her ability to listen to your needs and expectations. She easily created an ambiance of respect and confidence. I am really happy to have found her and definitely am returning to see her for all my future haircuts.”



“Sharon is a fantastic stylist and I highly recommend her. I've never had such consideration and professionalism from a stylist before and am so glad I found all the reviews recommending her services. Sharon really takes time to get to know her clients, asking them what issues they're having with their hair, what they'd  like to do with it and what styles work best for them. She knew exactly what I wanted and what would look good for me and gave me the perfect cut”


“I would highly recommend Sharon! She's not only experienced and skilled in what she does, she's also a very varm and friendly person who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when getting your hair done. I've been very happy with the outcome each time she's cut and coloured my hair”

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Telefon: 71 72 25 46

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