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Welcome to Hair by Sharon Hatting, an organic hairdressing business that prioritizes sustainability. I select carefully the green, organic products and colours that I work with such as Ingredien and Elumen. This allows me to provide premium hair services with knowledge that I’m doing my part to take care of the planet while taking care of you and your hair. 

My workspace is at RavnKøbenhavn in the centre of Copenhagen, a hairdressing collective that is a unique co-working space for freelancers.  I offer one-to-one premium services for my clients with no clients in between so that I can ensure that you have a beautiful, relaxing experience. 

Note: My lightening services include highlights, babylights and balayage, however, I do not provide full-head bleaching or on-scalp root bleaching. 



Sharon Hatting

I am a fully qualified hairdresser (4 year education). I am educated in Cambridge and at London College of Fashion. I take regularly courses to educate and update myself on the latest trends and to provide a high level of cutting and colouring services.

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